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What to do in the event of a death.


Please Note:-

In the case of a sudden death at home, the paramedics may call a funeral director

that is on duty for the coroner to take the deceased to hospital.

You may call your chosen Funeral Director if you wish.


You do not have to use this Funeral Director to provide a funeral service.

It is your choice to decide on which Funeral Director you would like to use.


The Medical Certificate of Cause of Death

The first step depends upon whether the deceased was at  home, in a care home or in hospital.


At Home - you will need to contact the deceasedís doctor. The doctor will issue certificate for you to collect

from the surgery.


In a hospital or care home - the staff will contact the next of kin and then arrange for a doctor to issue the 

certificate. where the doctor is unsure about the cause of death, or if someone has died suddenly and has not been 

seen by a doctor during the past 14 days, they will contact the Coroner.


Responsibility for the funeral arrangements

The executor (person appointed in the Will to carry out its requests) or relative is responsible for making all the 

necessary  decisions and funeral arrangements.


Contacting the funeral director.

You should contact us as soon as possible so that we can arrange a convenient time for you to visit the funeral

home to discuss the funeral arrangements.


Taking care of the deceased

At this stage, we will discuss taking your loved one into our care and where the deceased is to rest before the 



Registering the death.


Informing the Registrar.

a relative of the deceased informs the Registrar and this needs to be done before the funeral takes place.

People who can inform the registrar are:-

1)  A relative of the deceased.

2) The person responsible for the funeral, not the funeral director.

3) Any person present at the death.

4) The occupier of the premises where the death took place. (e.g. a matron of a care home).


You will need to make an appointment at the registrars office to enable registration without delays.

The registration must be completed within five days.


The registrar will need the following information:-

1) Personal details of the deceased.

2) Full Name and maiden name if a married woman.

3) Date and place of birth.

4) Date and place of death.

5) Usual dwelling address.

6) Occupation.

7) The date of birth of the surviving spouse.

8) Whether the person was in receipt of any public benefits.( Pensions Etc.)


The registrar will need the following paperwork:-

1) Medical Certificate of Cause of Death.

2) Birth Certificate.

3) NHS Medical Card.

4) Marriage certificate if applicable.


The registrar will give you two certificates:-

1) Green Certificate for burial or cremation. The Funeral Director will need this before the funeral takes place. 

2) Certificate of registration of death. It is worth getting certified copies as they will be needed for  legal and

financial organisations.


Planning the Funeral.

Contact us at the earliest opportunity. it is not necessary to wait for a death certificate first.

We will be helping you at every stage. We are there to accept complete responsibility for arranging and carrying

out the funeral.


When death occurs at home.

Inform your doctor as soon as possible. If death is due to natural causes, the doctor will issue a Medical 


Contact us at any time, day or night, a telephone call will bring our trained and sympathetic staff to your 


Your loved one will then be taken to the funeral home and help and advice will be given with regards to the 



Death in a hospital.

Advice and guidance will be given by our trained Funeral Directors or hospital staff.


Funeral arrangements.

We have all of the facilities needed at our modern premises and we are able to provide a complete personal 


Our funeral home has private viewing lounges so that family and friends can pay their last respects in total 



We can offer services such as newspaper announcements, floral tributes, catering, repatriation and funerals 

can be arranged in other locations.

Memorials can be provided and we provide written estimates when arrangements are made.

We can even offer accommodation to those family members that have to travel to the funeral from afar in our 

family run guest house.


We will be there when you need us most to offer emotional support, expert advice and practical help. Our 

service starts from the moment you contact us, whether by telephone or in person.

It can be done at our local funeral home or at your own home, or anywhere else convenient for the family, 

which ever is more comfortable for you.

A funeral is an event of very personal significance and one of the first decisions you will be making is the choice 

of a burial or cremation based on the wishes of the deceased, family tradition, religion or culture. The deceased may 

have created provisions in their Will, drawn up a funeral plan or made suggestions during their life about how they would 

like the funeral to be arranged. If this is not the case, then you and your family will need to decide what is appropriate.


If you should need any further assistance, please contact us on 0116 319 8232. We are here to help.