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Funeral Options.


We are proud to offer the following "funeral options" which are carried out with the care, 

respect and consideration that you would expect from our "family owned" and run funeral 

home in Leicester. We can provide a tailor made service should you have any special requests.

Please call us for any information as we would like to make your ideas a reality.


Please click on the images below for further information.




We provide the following Pooja items for use on the day of the funeral.


 01)   Abil                             10)  Sandlewood Garland

02)   Gulal                          11)  Sandlewood Log

03)   Chandan                   12)  White Material 1.25 Metre

04)   Kanku                         13)  Kodiu

05)  Tal                                14)  Suttar

06)  Jav (Barley)             15)  Pavitra Viti

07)  Rice                             16)  Kanthi

08)  Agarbati                 17)  Mara


These items are required, but are not provided by Asian Funeral Service.



Small clay pot

4 x packets of butter

4 x Coconuts

5 xTulsi pan

1.25 lbs rice flour


1.25 lbs Raw khichda in white material

Fresh flower garland and petals


These items are required at the crematorium for uthamnu.



2 Flowers