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A little Bit about Asian Funeral Service ( Leicester )




Dinesh Patel Has been caring for bereaved families

for over 30 years. He has a vast knowledge of the

cultures and customs of Leicester and is dedicated

to taking care of the funeral arrangements for you.



Mr Dinesh Patel

Asian Funeral Service ( Leicester )

260 Loughborough Road



Tel 0116 319 8232 (24 hour service)



After a lot of consideration and careful planning, He created which is 

probably the best specialist funeral home in Leicester. 


"We have designed the funeral home to feel warming. I wanted people to feel

comfortable and at ease, like being at home." he says.


We have a comfortable reception lounge.

A large private prayer room.

Modern wash and dress facilities.


He is so proud of the facilities that he invites anyone

to come and see for themselves.

He says that, " We have no need for open days here, 

other funeral homes clean and tidy everything up on 

the odd day for the public to see. We are so proud of 

our premises that anyone is welcome at anytime to 

see for themselves."





Asian Funeral Service Ltd is a trading name of P A Funerals Ltd

Barbara De Rathel

Registered in England Company 06953697 , 21 High View Close, Hamilton, Leicester, LE4 9LJ





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