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Repatriation To India



Basic Information on sending a loved one abroad for a funeral service


With over twenty years experience, in the repatriation of the deceased to all destinations we will

act in a speedy and efficient manner. We have been helping many families to repatriate their loved ones.

The repatriation funeral services offered by lighten the confusion and difficulty involved during

the period of death.


We specialize in repatriation services to the South Asian Sub-Continent and offer flexible plans

for taking care of all aspects and leaving very little for you.


We arrange all documentation from the embassy to the flight booking as well as all of the

preparation needed for the person deceased.


We have contacts in India so that transportation can be arranged from the Airport to the

destination of your choice. This can be many hundreds of miles in some cases.


Please contact us for further information as procedures can differ from country to country.


Dinesh Patel 0116 3198232











Repatriation to Amritsar, Delhi, Mumbhai, Cochin